Fee guide from January 9th 2018

The following fee guide is an indication of the typical charges that apply to the treatments available at St Paul’s Dental Care. An individual treatment plan that is tailored to your needs will be agreed and discussed with you before treatment is provided. 

New patient consultation   £50.00
Initial and routine dental examination (excluding x-rays)   £38.00
Small x ray   £11.00
Pan oral x ray   £52.00
Scale and Polish (hygienist or dentist)   £42.00
2 visit Scale and Polish registered patient   £84.00
None registered patient- visit to hygienist   £52.00
2 visit Scale and Polish non registered patient   £104.00
Amalgam (silver coloured) fillings from £62.00
Composite (tooth coloured) fillings from £69.00
Extractions (simple)   £84.00
Complex surgical extraction   £175.00
Porcelain bonded to metal crown   £515.00
Advanced, metal free crown from £611.00
Bridges per unit from £515.00
Porcelain veneer   £515.00
Root filling Front tooth from £234.00
Root filling Premolar tooth from £308.00
Root filling Molar tooth from £393.00
Partial resin dentures from £341.00
Full resin dentures from £902.00
Metal denture from £680.00
Denture repairs from £35.00
Sports Mouth Guard (custom made)   £94.00

Tooth Whitening

Provision of custom trays, bleaching gel and overseeing treatment   £338.00
As above plus in surgery Advanced Power Bleaching   £546.00
Implants per unit (includes implant below gum and attached crown)   £2400.00
Inman Aligner (for straightening front teeth) per arch   £1500.00

This is by no means a complete list of all the treatments provided at the practice
PLEASE always ask if you wish to confirm a fee or have any questions.