At St. Pauls Dental Care we are proud to support dentists throughout the Northwest by providing the highest quality, multi-disciplinary referral care.

Our practice in Southport is equipped with the latest equipment and our dedicated team is committed to delivering the standards of care and support your patients are accustomed to

We are currently taking referrals for the following treatments:


20 years of implants
Dental implants are now widely accepted as a safe and predictable method of replacing missing teeth and they have many advantages over the alternatives not least of which is the avoidance of damage to adjacent teeth. We have now been placing and restoring implants here for over 20 years and over that time we have amassed a wealth of experience in every aspect of implant treatment.

96% cumulative survival
We have an ongoing audit of all implants placed here since 2004 and we are delighted to be able to say that our survival rate for about 2300 implants is 96.7%. These implants have been used to restore anything from a single tooth to a full arch. We restore edentulous mandibles on 4 implants and maxillas on 6. Full lower over-dentures are usually retained on 2 implants and full upper over-dentures on a minimum of 4 implants.

Would you like to restore implants?
A number of dentists who refer patients here now restore themselves and if you want to be involved, we can provide full training and mentoring to GDC standards. Any dentist is capable of learning to restore implants and all those who do say that they find it very interesting and rewarding.

Oral Surgery

We welcome referrals for oral surgery which is provide by Dr Rahul Sharma who is a DWSI.


If you have nervous or phobic patients who find dentistry difficult without sedation, we are accepting referrals to provide all aspects of dentistry under intravenous sedation.

CBCT scans

We can provide CBCT scans for your patients on referral. We have a Sirona Orthophos XG 3D machine which is capable of providing high resolution scans. Volumes of 8cm x 8cm and 5cm x 5.5cm are possible as well as very high-quality panoramic images.
– Panoral £60.00
– CBCT (either volume) £200.00


We have in depth experience across a wide range of orthodontic procedures focused on aligning bite and straightening teeth. If your patients have crooked, overlapped, twisted or gapped teeth we can deliver a range of positive outcomes with maximum care and consideration.


At Saint Pauls Dental Care, we offer referring dentists’ patients expert guidance and an complete solution for this increasingly popular teeth straightening technology. As your referring practice, we are able to spend more time with your patients and offer them a treatment plan to match their needs.
Composite Bonding
In addition to offering your patients an enhanced smile, our team has in depth experience in filling chips, fractures or gaps between teeth.We can also fix discoloration. Our highly trained dentists will attach composite resin to the tooth, shaping it to restore its original appearance. It’s colour-matched to look totally natural, leaving you with a smile you love.

Facial Aesthetics

We offer a range of facial aesthetic procedures including Botox, dermal fillers and ‘skin boosters’ such as profhilo. Dr. Rachel Williams has over 5 years’ experience in this field providing high quality and safe treatments to patients.

Please request our referral pack, which includes our Charter of Care to your patients, details of our individual treatments and also the referral forms which you can use when referring your patients to us.

Email or call our referral team on 01704 533686

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Can we help?

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